“Daily questionalre forms and our Covid consent forms are no longer required for entrance to the school”







Our Communicable Disease Response Plan


Update – September 1, 2022

As directed by BC’s Public Health Authorities and WorkSafe BC, our Covid-19 Safety Plan is now replaced by a Communicable Disease Plan (CDP), and since the risk of infection of a communicable disease continues, some policies and protocols must remain in place to mitigate the risk for instructors, staff and volunteers who utilize the school building.

Policies and Protocols – highlights:

  • Anyone feeling ill for any reason should not enter the school.
  • Hand hygiene will be important and washing or sanitizing the hands upon entering and leaving the building will be required.
  • Daily cleaning of high-touch areas will be done (doorknobs etc.), and a weekly deep clean of the facilities will be continued.
  • Keys and high-traffic surfaces on shared musical instrument keys (pianos and keyboards) will be sanitized before each student.
  • Building ventilation will be maintained and kept functioning properly to ensure the essential exchange of air in the lesson studios.
  • Masks generally will be optional except in cases where certain instructors or students may wish to wear masks while in the building as a personal preference. The school has a limited supply of masks, so students and instructors should provide their own.
  • It is understood that instructors may require their in-person students to be vaccinated, and certain students may require their instructor to be vaccinated as well. These are individual preferences.


Jim Matson
Communicable Disease Committee
DCMS Board of Directors