“Our COVID-19 response plan follows WorkPlace BC guidelines and has been approved by the City of Delta.”







Our Communicable Disease Response Plan


Update – March 18, 2022

The British Columbia Centre of Disease Control has recently removed its Mask Mandate that will affect many BC citizens in various types of businesses. However, in the past couple of weeks the UK and several countries in Europe, including Germany, France, and Switzerland, are experiencing a new wave, the Omicron BA.2 which is reported to be 30% more transmissible than the original Omicron variant. At least 12 countries, geographically extending
from Finland to Greece are experiencing new increases in cases, some quite marked, such as Austria exceeding its pandemic peak, and Finland with an 85% increase in cases from the prior week alone. As well many of these countries are also showing a rise in hospital admissions.
This is the sixth warning from the UK and Europe to the United States and Canada.
In many States, indications support the idea that the new wave has already started.
In our neighboring Province Alberta, reports show that 25% of the new cases are BA.2.
In our Province, new cases are bouncing around highs and lows, with reports from 500+ cases to 200+ cases depending on the day, and BCCDC has reported the BA.2 variant has been found in BC as far back as December 2021.  The history of the Omicron virus has shown its ability to mutate to more transmissible variants which may cause more severe symptoms over time.

Therefore, the Covid-19 Committee is recommending and implementing the continuation of all Stage 4 of the Covid-19 Safety Plan protocols and procedures which includes the use of masks until April 8th when BCCDC has indicated further adjustments may be made to restrictions.

Covid-19 Committee
Jim Matson

Update – January 7, 2022

After being closed for the past week, In-person lessons will resume at the school starting Monday, January 10, 2022. At this time we are requesting all faculty wear N95 masks and follow our guidelines with teaching with windows open, fans, and HEPA filters running in the studios when students are present. We encourage all students to wear N95 masks or be double-masked.




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