“Our COVID-19 response plan follows WorkPlace BC guidelines and has been approved by the City of Delta.”







Our COVID-19 Response Plan


Update – July 6, 2021

The School is now in Stage 4 of our reopening plan. As the Province of BC is no longer in a state of emergency as of July 1st the board now feels that it is safe to move the school to Stage 4 of our reopening plan.  We have now some in-person private teaching in 3 studios at the school with the Kinsroom being used for private teaching and small groups of up to 6 persons as stated in our COVID-19 response plan.  We expect at this time that these protocols will be in place until September 7th.  All current screening, cleaning protocols, mask requirements, and controlled entry and exit protocols will remain in place. 

Update – February 13, 2021

The Delta Community Music School plays a distinctive and vital role in our community and while we have taken the Covid-19 virus threat very seriously, from the beginning of the virus outbreak policies and protocols were created which have allowed the school to continue safely with in-person lessons on a restricted basis. Currently, only 25% of our instructors are utilizing studio school space for continuing lessons, the rest are completed online and will remain so for the time being.

Our community is faced with a new potential threat of Covid-19 variants which are much more contagious than the original Covid-19 virus itself as experience in other jurisdictions has demonstrated. Although the information is still being developed regarding the variants that are known, at this time we do not anticipate the need for any changes in our protocols or procedures. If the variants become the dominant viruses in circulation in our community, then we may consider further changes when and if prescribed by the BC Centre of Disease Control.

Viruses are transmitted via respiratory droplets or aerosols (smaller droplets) or fomite transmission (if you touch a surface where the virus has been deposited and you then touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth) the virus can enter your upper respiratory tract rather than breathing it in. This makes hand hygiene very important. As part of our protocols, we advocate washing/sanitizing hands as often as possible when in the school building.

Vaccines are being distributed to sectors of the population in our Province and while information is still not completely developed on the effectiveness of the available vaccines on all the variants, some of the vaccines have been shown to work well in avoiding symptoms or minimizing symptoms & length of illness.

The basic protocols remain the same:

Face masks, social distancing, use of soap or sanitizer to wash hands as often as possible.

Update – January 8, 2021

The BC CDC as of January 7th has extended the restrictions on social gatherings until February 5th. Also, new guidelines have been issued here.  Essentially structured extracurricular activities and programs for people 21 years of age and younger can continue to operate with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place and must be supervised by an adult. These include music and art programs. 


Regards, Stephen, Music Director, DCMS
Jim Matson – DCMS Board of Directors



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