Five  low-income music students from Baltimore, Maryland arrived in Vancouver Saturday evening after a full day of travel.  The trip has already been life changing for them!  This was the first flight for 4 of the students, and everyone’s first time in Canada.  We begin “Boot Camp” on Monday, which is an intensive technique booster where the students will be learning alongside Canadian string students and taught by the critically-acclaimed string trio, Infinitus.

We want to invite you to follow the journey through our Video & Picture Journal on Facebook.  Here’s the link:

We’ve already posted up our first video, in which the kids answer the questions: 1. “How was your first flight?” and 2. “What do you know about Canada?”  Come see what they have to say!

We accepting donations to help with covering these students expenses while in Canada. If you would like to help, please contact us

The Thrive City String Boot Camp is taking place over the first two weeks of August at Delta Community Music School in Ladner BC.

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