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Celebrating its 61st year, the Delta Chamber of Commerce annual Hats Off to Excellence Awards gala on November 16, 2012 was an occasion to recognize 21 among the many business and community leaders in Delta. The Special Events and Tourism Award was presented to Stephen Robb, on behalf of the South Delta Jazz Festival, in recognition of, “an individual, company or special event which contributes to attracting visitors to Delta, such as a festival, the arts, sports or other activity which attracts visitors to Delta.”  Congratulations to festival organizers Stephen Robb and Dr. Jared Burrows for their many years of work and dedication to the South Delta Jazz Festival!  The Award was sponsored by the Ladner Business Association and was presented by Brad Cooper..  Thank you to the Delta Chamber of Commerce for your recognition and support of our Jazz Festival, now heading into its tenth season!

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A group of Adult jazz musicians from the School’s Tuesday Night Band also took part in the festivities of the evening. Special Thanks to all the members of the band for being there to support us!

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