kris and larkDCMS House Concerts Presents:


Sunday April 28, 2013 2:30pm  Tix: $15

Kris and Lark Bowerman

– to create and perform music that cross-links the world’s cultures and philosophies and creates respect for our home planet.

“We are the mirror as well as the face in it.” — Rumi


THE MUSIC: Flavors of Africa and the Americas coalesce in exotic rhythms and Swahili as well as English vocals in this World Fusion music by Kuimba for a mellow, upbeat mood. The clear, earthy quality of Lark’s lead voice is joined by Kris’ exuberant tenor producing an unusual and eminently lovely blend. Added to this are African harps and flutes, trombone, acoustic guitar, bass, spicy percussion, and throbbing African drums. Kuimba conveys the significance of cultural diversity and biodiversity through a colorful and informative style of presentation. This very unique music with its bold sensual rhythms, Swahili rap, trombone solos and warm, spirited vocals invokes the jubilant aura of village festivities. In African fashion, the audience is set at ease to clap, dance or sing along.

Kuimba has performed to enthusiastic response at intimate Home concerts, Universities, Community concerts and festivals, programs for Seniors and Youth , as well as for Environmental organizations, Campfire groups, Teachers conferences, Community colleges, Wedding celebrations and Art, Wine and Music festivals. They have also played on radio (KQED & KPFA) and television (KPIX & KTVU) in the S. F. Bay Area and other locations including Xi’an, China. They have recorded four CD’s; three full-length CD’s, Mawingu — I Remember Africa (1990/94), Salimu! Heshimu! (2001), Mystic Quest (2011), and one EP-length disc, Mount Diablo (2009). They are now recording another CD, titled Blue Kuimba, that will have a bluesy style theme, the song When The Summertime Comes will be included on the recording.

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