We are isouthwood-photo2ntroducing Louise Southwood to our faculty here at the Delta Community Music School.  Louise is a new teacher for us and lives here in Ladner BC. Louise will be teaching for us on Fridays starting in September.

1. How old were you when you started playing…..
I started taking guitar and piano lessons at the age of eight. I had shown an interest in music from an early age by continually playing my toy piano and asking to try the guitar we had in our attic. So my parents decided to enroll me with our next door neighbour who just happened to teach both instruments!
2. What do you like best about teaching……..
The most satisfying moments I have had teaching have been when a student has practised a piece really well and has persevered with it beyond all of our expectations. Their excitement at playing the finished result is always great to see. I also love preparing students for concerts and seeing them perform on stage….especially a large guitar ensemble as this can sound pretty impressive!


3. What was one of your favourite moments performing in public?
I think one of my favourite moments would have to be this year. I returned to Bermuda where I lived and taught for many years and performed in The Bermuda International Guitar Festival. I had helped organise this in the past and so to be asked back to be a visiting artist was great! I saw so many of my old students, colleagues and friends in the audience and when  I received a standing ovation it was fantastic. I felt in that moment that I had made an impact during my time working there and the distance in time and location really made that clear.
4. Who is your favourite composer?
This is a tricky one! There are so many Spanish and South American composers who have written beautiful music for the guitar. But I would have to say that J.S Bach has always been my ‘favourite’. He didn’t write for the guitar as we know it today but wrote for the lute and of course many other instruments and this music has been arranged for the guitar. I am currently playing his ‘Chaconne’ which was originally written for the violin but has become one of the guitar’s most performed pieces. It is so emotive and breathtaking.


5. Where did you teach before moving to Ladner?
I taught for many years in London in the UK in several different prestigious private schools ( Prince William went to one of them!) Then in 2004 I taught for 7 years at The Bermuda School of Music. I taught all ages from 6 to 76! It was a great experience teaching such a wide range of ages and abilities and I loved very minute of it. I am excited to now be in Canada and looking forward to new students and experiences.

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