_DSC0179 bw smallThis season we welcome Stan Taylor to our regular teaching faculty. Stan has been teaching with us for the past ten years as a part of our Summer Jazz Workshop program but this is the first year he has been available to teach at the school. Stan started with us this past Tuesday teaching on our school kit in the Kinsroom.

As I started with Louise in a previous post, ealier in August I played the same five question game with Stan.

1) How old were you when you started playing the drums?

I was nine when I started… my first “drum ” was an old empty ice cream container and the “sticks” were made out of old wooden pegs from the back of a broken chair !.

2) What do you like best about teaching?

For me it is in passing on the joy of learning and music, and discovering one’s own creativity and ideas in the process.

3) What was one of your favorite moments performing in public?

For me I would have to say back in 1988 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and meeting Pat Metheny backstage right after the performance.

4) Who is your favorite composer

In the world of jazz it would be Thelonious Monk 

5) I know you have been teaching for our jazz workshop for the past ten years, and working and living here in the Vancouver area, but where else have you been working or teaching as a drummer?

I also taught in Victoria many years back, taking on students from local high school programs and teaching private lessons.

Thanks Stan for taking the time for this!




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