Wednesday Oct. 30th 7:30 – 9 pm at Delta Community Music School – $15 drop in fee.

Do you have an interest to learn music from other cultures?  Have you wondered about  what an African Drum Circle is?  Playing the Djembe (african Drum) in a group like this is  something for people of all ages and experience. If you have some experience, or even no experience with drums , we invite you to drop in and see what an African Drum Circle is all about.  We will be playing Djembe and other drums, and we will have one or two on hand for you to try. If you don’t have a drum best to contact the office first to make sure we will have one for you for the evening!

KrisB.djembeKris Bowerman: Having found the joy of music at age six on piano, Kris Bowerman begin playing trombone at 10, discovered jazz at fifteen and started teaching at 17. Later he received his Bachelor of Music in Trombone Performance from San Francisco State University. He is a passionate improviser, has played with many kinds of groups, and has toured with Sweet Papa Lowdown as well as Kuimba, playing djembe/conga, recorder/flutes, trombone and vocals with the latter. He has also made several CD’s with Kuimba. As an instructor Kris enjoys passing on the knowledge of the trombone/brass and African djembe (hand drum). Needless to say, seeing students improve really brings out his smile.

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