Lots going on here for Summer 2015. For the first time our Thrive City String Boot Camp will be a full overnight camp at Hatzic Lake. We are excited by this and as well we will doing lots of fundraising over the next few months as our goal is to get at full financial support for at least 10 students to attend.

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Why should we be doing this you might ask?  Well, for our camp director John Littlejohn this is all about “giving back”. We are remembering back to our own childhood and development and what it was like to not be able to partake in opportunities like the one we are offering here.  World class excellence in instruction should not just be confined to the affluent who can afford it. Around the world programs such as the highly popular “El Sistima ” program in Argentina are proving much to the contrary; giving an arts education to those who can least afford it might be the best investment one can ever make.

Indeed a summer program like the one we are offering maybe the turning point in some child’s life.  Our program now in its fifth year has been making a difference to many students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

This will the first year that the program is offered outside of Delta. As a non-profit arts group we must remind ourselves that we are here for everybody, not just the privileged few.  Hopefully we can raise enough funds to make this work.


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