“… I had an affinity to be in the visual arts, as well as a musician and a writer, and I recognize the kind of restless, driving spirit of a creative artist…”



Allen teaches

  • piano, classical and popular styles
  • acoustic guitar (fingerstyle, folk, pop)
  • RCM exam prep (if desired, piano)
  • available Wednesdays and Thursdays at the school



Allen Desnoyers



Allen Desnoyers – (A.R.C.T. – Piano)    Composer, musician, musical director, performer, lyricist, teacher.    
Performing over 4,000 times in his own original musicals featuring classical, ragtime, bluegrass, boogie-woogie, rock, pop, and folk music, he has been imparting a love of music in all its forms to over a million students across Canada.    His affection for his classical piano roots led to writing a one-man musical about J.S. Bach, presented by the Orlando Theatre Projects in Florida.     From basic piano theory to playing, to preparing for classical exams (if desired),  to composing and improvising,  students learn piano fundamentals, with an expressive approach to any one of a rich palette of styles.  

Nominated for three Jessie Richardson awards for outstanding work as an actor, musical director, and composer, Allen is an internationally produced playwright, soundtrack composer, author of over a dozen plays and musicals, and composer of more than a hundred songs.  He is the creator of the Rosebud Opera House in Alberta and the co-founder of Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre Company