“Angela is a very experienced instructor with a specialization in the Suzuki Method for violin”



About Angela

  • Violin
  • Fridays at the school
  • Starting September 2023




Angela Luchkow


Angela Luchkow is a prominent violinist in the lower mainland who has been performing and teaching for over 25 years. She enjoys making music not only as a modern violinist but also as a player of baroque and renaissance violin repertoire. She has performed with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, the Handel Society of Music, and Victoria Baroque among many other local ensembles.
Angela is a certified teacher of the Suzuki method of violin pedagogy. It is based on a philosophy, developed by Japanese violinist Dr. Shinichi Suzuki called the “mother tongue method” which embraces the concept that ability is not inborn but can be produced with the right environment and nurturing. “Just as every child has the potential to develop tremendous abilities in the mastery of his mother tongue, each child has been imbued with the potential to develop musical abilities. The potential of every child is unlimited.” The teacher, parent and child form a team working together to develop a rich musical environment consisting of weekly private lessons, regular home practice and daily listening.
Angela loves teaching students of all ages from beginner to advanced. Children as young as age 3 can begin with Suzuki prep classes. These are preschool classes where, through games and songs, children will learn to develop correct playing posture as well as rhythm and singing skills. Private students will also have opportunities to participate in group classes where they will learn valuable ensemble skills, musicality and will also be inspired by the progress of their peers. Adult students are also welcome.