What is the Parent Portal? 

Our Parent Portal is how you will access your account with us. Your account contains the student’s demographic information (name, address, etc). It also contains information about the class(es), workshops, and specialty programs that the student is enrolled in. The Parent Portal also has information about your financial relationship with us. All of this information is stored securely and when it is transmitted, the data is encrypted. We do this to ensure your privacy.


In order to access the Parent Portal, you need to register with us first. If you have not registered with us yet, locate the main menu across the top of this page. Then hover your mouse over Registration. Once the registration form has been submitted you will be allowed access to our Parent Portal through which you can enroll in our many excellent courses, workshops, and specialty programs (e.g. the immensely popular Summer Jazz Festival). You can even make payments to your account using a credit card.
If you have already registered with us, locate the main menu across the top of this page. Hover your mouse over Registration and when the sub-menu appears, click on Parent Portal  You will be automatically redirected to our Parent Portal login screen.

The job of the Parent Portal is to convert your information from the format it is stored in internally, into a mobile-friendly, web-based format that can be displayed by a web browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer & Safari, etc.) on any intelligent device (such as a PC, an Apple computer, an iPad, a tablet, and smart-phones).

Click this Parent Portal link to access your account. You will need the email address and the password you entered on our registration form to access it. Once you have successfully accessed your account within our Parent Portal we highly recommend that you bookmark the site for future quick access.

Forgot your Parent Portal user ID or Password?
Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Regarding your password – here’s a hint: it’s your email address.
If it’s the password you are having a problem remembering, just give our office a call at 604.946.1280. Once we verify who you are we’ll happily send you an email containing a temporary password that you can use to login. Once you successfully login to our Parent Portal you will be asked to change the temporary password to a permanent one.