We are pleased to announce three new faculty appointments for 2010 – 2011.  We are welcoming the return of  Sarah Westwick to our DCMS faculty.  Sarah teaches violin / viola and for fall 2010 will be offering classes in Susuki Violin and a Colourstrings program for young children based on the traditions and teachings of Carl Orff , Dalcroze and Kodaly.  Both of the these programs  will be on Mondays at the school.   Sarah taught at our school for many years through the 1990’s and we welcome her return.  You can find more information on these programs under the Programs tab at the top of the page.

Pianist Andrea Larsen will also be rejoining our faculty and will be offering piano instruction for us at the school on Saturdays.

Brennan Saul joins us on faculty to teach drums and percussion. Brennan will be offering lessons in Drum kit in both jazz, rock and other popular styles. He will be available at our school on Thursdays.

2 thoughts on “New programs for fall 2010

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if there were any music/piano programs for 4 year olds, preferably in Tsawassen. My sister in law is inquiring with me, and because I’ve been a piano teacher for many years, she figures I would know! But, haven’t lived in that area for many years, and I’m not very familiar with younger programs.
    Just throwing it out there if by chance you knew of a music for young children co-ordinator out there, or anything!

    thanks so much,
    Marya MacAulay
    Used to play oboe years ago in the Delta youth orchestra! Miss it.. had a great time.. think it was in 1992 or something!

  2. HI Marya,
    We have our new colourstrings program children that age, Mondays at the school in Ladner. All our programs at the moment our on site at the McKee Heritage House in Ladner. We have a nice big activity room that is really great for providing classes in.

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